Diagnose • Treat • Perform


Motus Physio isn’t your average physiotherapy practice. What sets us apart is our attitude and approach to treating pain and dysfunction. Through years of helping elite athletes in a range of sports reach their peak performance, we realise that treating pain isn’t just about the immediate result. It’s about working out the correct diagnoses, it’s about giving some degree of relief from discomfort and most of all it’s about teaching and encouraging quality movement to give people longevity and lasting relief. Encouraging people how to move well and reducing the chances of problems from occurring in the future is our forte and what sets us apart from other therapists. 

Our approach to tackling any pain issue begins the moment you walk in to the clinic. Thorough physical examination and movement analysis including a full history of the problem is the information we will use to arrive at the correct diagnosis. From here we use our full repertoire of skills from hands on treatment, taping, acupuncture, strength and conditioning training and corrective exercise prescription.

It matters not who the person is or what the problem is, the approach is always the same. Whether the end goal is to compete at the Crossfit Games, to run your first 5km race or to build enough strength to be able to pick up your children or walk up the stairs without pain, we follow the process through:

Diagnose – Treat – Perform